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  • Las Vegas, NV
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Helping  the #FogottenOnes, one soul at a time.

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According to a recent article by the Las Vegas Review Journal, “58 percent of the nearly 7,900 homeless people are un-sheltered”. I have found that many of the un-sheltered homeless are veterans of this great Country. It’s a tragedy that so many who served this Country are now being undeserved with proper shelter.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Often times we may wonder what can we do, I’m just one person. But the reality is, that’s all it takes, just one person to care, to give a little bit of their time, just a little bit of compassion.
Our homeless could use a little bit of our love and kindness.

**Stop by your homeless area and hand out some things to help.***


Here are some ideas of ways you can help partner with us…

  •  Adopt a block for the homeless.

  •  Create an Outreach Program in your Church to help the homeless or get involved if you have one in your Church.

  •  Start a giving program within your neighborhood that helps with assisting homeless needs, like shoes, socks, basic items like a toothbrush and toothpaste, and take them to the local shelters.

  • Take a ride with Zenas late at night in Las Vegas or San Antonio to hand out shoes & sleeping bags to the homeless. Text 210-639-1116 to schedule a ride-along.


We’d like to hear from you to tell us what you’re doing in your area to help the un-sheltered homeless.

#Pilcherboyz is #Inthefight 4 #TheForgottenOnes.